Kati Hakkinen

Value for your vote

By using your voice you will change the world you live in

"I'm standing in the EU elections on 9 June 2024 for the European Parliament because I want to do my share in making the world just a little bit better for all of us."

Join me in doing good!

Kati Häkkinen
Value for your vote

This is me

I am a 43-year-old influencer from Mikkeli with strong rural roots and a global mind. My family includes my lovely 12- and 14-year-old children, who also give me a perspective on the everyday life of today's young people.

With a big heart I am especially

  • mother
  • entrepreneur
  • international professional
  • member of Mikkeli City Council

International vision

Having lived abroad for over a decade, first as an Erasmus student and later as an entrepreneur with my family in Thailand, I share the views and experiences of many expatriots. It is important to understand and accept different cultures and ways of thinking as, despite our differences, we can work to achieve mutual goals. The European Union is the place to this. 

Entrepreneurial spirit

With a long track record in international tourism and hospitality industry I know the essence of entrepreneurship from start to success. My entrepreneurial spirit comes from home: my father is a carpenter, my mother comes from a working-class family and the men in my family are blacksmiths, builders, masons, folk musicians and artists.

Heart beating for the home region

Besides hard work and entrepreneurship, I thank my childhood home in Haukivuori for the sense of community – my grandparents as well as my uncles and aunts with their families lived close by. I have strong roots in my home region, which has also given me the courage to do things boldly with a Yes! attitude. Whatever you do, do it well!

Centre Party's calling and values you'll find here

Promoting Finland and Europe with a Yes! attitude

EU needs a doer with determination and collaboration. These are the topics I will promote for the good of Finland: 

Yes! to Finnish entrepreneurship. Small entrepreneurs form the backbone of the Finnish economy, which is why we need to ensure favorable operating environment for them.

Yes! to Finnish food production. The biggest favour we can do to the environment is to eat locally produced food.

Yes! to sustainable environmentl policy. I am in favour of local energy policy. The use of renewable energy brings stability to energy policy at both national and European level. 

Yes! to humane multicultralism and equality. My Finland has been and always will be international.

Yes! to keeping Finland vital and self-sustaining. Every corner of Finland, Eastern Finland included, should be a good place to live and work.